We Reimagine.We Revitalize.We Reinvent.

The cyber-physical products and modules we build, and our range of biometric-enabled tools — including private, encrypted information networks and facial recognition systems and databases — enable the recording of criminal occurrences, recognize threats, track individuals or groups that have either committed a misdemeanor or felony or contributed to breaking the law, help you know your customer and your employees, and allow security and surveillance teams to link all of the above.

We are Innovators.

Engineers. Data Scientists. Analysts. Investigators. Technologists. Warriors.

Originally a group that grew out of the business of catching card cheats, we are now a mission critical company, focused on helping you identify and track everyone from tricksters and thieves to traffickers and terrorists. We also give you the ability to run background checks in operational real-time, collect the intelligence you need to make informed decisions, and be in the know on everyone in your orbit: From errant employee to mysterious customer, from politically enhanced person to criminal or gang member.


We are Pioneers.

We change the way our world can be seen, surveyed and secured. We don’t just think, or rethink. We “pre-think.” And predict. And plan for multiple scenarios.

We concentrate on creating software and systems that link the physical to the digital and the digital to the physical to solve some of the most complex problems of our times.

We are

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