Once upon a time, we knew our neighbors. We frequented establishments where everyone knew us. We met with, worked for, worked with, served, treated and protected people that we knew.

Now, though, with travel becoming easier, communications becoming instant, and technology becoming a constant in our lives, it’s a different world. We move around frequently, we migrate — for school, for work, or simply because we met someone outside of our own circle and built a life elsewhere.  

On one hand, it’s a much better world, a more diverse one with boundless opportunities. On the other, unfortunately, it’s more unfamiliar, and often, it’s also a more hostile, insecure world — and a scary one.

That’s where we come in. Our solutions help you secure your world and make it more welcoming for those that inhabit it; by telling you that someone you are interacting with is actually who they say they are, and they are not a threat to you or your world.

The products, solutions and systems we build and integrate with help you secure yourself and others in your world. They enable you to know your neighbors, the people you meet, work for, work with, serve, treat and protect, helping you maintain the security of your physical, human and other assets, and the integrity of your business.

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