Over the years, we’ve developed a very sophisticated range of hybrid products, databases, modules and networks that support security, surveillance and compliance teams secure their turf in operational real-time.

This is done through the observation, identification, and tracking of known and unknown undesirables, and making the reporting of incidents faster, easier and more efficient. We provide our customers access to what should soon become the world’s largest private, encrypted, and law enforcement-verified facial recognition database of felons, arrestees and more than one million sex offenders.

We give subscribers the ability to run facial recognition scans of any individual on their property against this database of criminals numbering in the millions in operational real time — a database that also includes known thieves, drug and human traffickers, gang members, murderers, and terrorists. 

Our systems and solutions can be customized to industry specifications, keeping in mind the particular needs of different sectors.

  • As a family-friendly hotel, you might want to discreetly keep someone that is on a sex offender’s registry away from children’s play area.
  • As a bar, you might have to keep a close eye on anyone that has had a DUI/DWI offence on record and not over-serve that person.
  • As a casino, you’d want to make sure that someone on a self-exclusion list doesn’t get through the door.
  • As an electronics store, you’d probably want to double-check payments from someone buying an expensive system, if he or she has been caught previously for credit card fraud.
  • As a legal marijuana store, you’d probably be helped immensely if you knew that the customer you’re about to serve had a record for illegal drug dealing.
  • As a bank, or a mortgage lender, you’d really want to know your clients are who they say they are, and that the identity documents you’ve been presented with are authentic and can be validated.

Additionally, all of you would like to have that information in operational real time — when an individual you’re checking up on is in front of you — not weeks, days, or even hours later. Irrespective of industry, we help you do just that.

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