This technology is a tool, and is a fantastic one. I wish it had been available for Atlantic City 20 years ago when we were dealing with a lot of problems that we weren’t familiar with.…
P. LaMacchia

Director of Casino Studies, State University of New York (Global Gaming Business Magazine)

As a former Surveillance Director for Trump Marina and The Sands in Atlantic City, I approved the purchase of Biometrica’s Visual Casino Software. We utilized the software to quickly identify known cheaters and advantage players and took the appropriate response to prevent any significant financial losses. I believe in the effectiveness of the product and would recommend the system as great tool for any good surveillance and security plan for casino operations…
Charlie Guenther

Nationwide databases also serve to network many casinos together, thus allowing quick notification when a cheater is in the region. Bill Doolin, surveillance manager for Harrah’s Joliet Casino in Chicago, first worked with face-recognition software when it was installed at the casino…he praises the immediacy of the system.‘ As other properties which belong to that network catch somebody, they send a report that goes to all of the other casinos in the network…Within an hour or two of them catching someone, maybe in Nevada or in Atlantic City, all of the casinos in that network will have that information available to them.
Access Control and Security Systems Magazine

Despite all the activity that takes place, the casino floor is a very controlled environment with an extremely effective layer of security using [Biometrica’s] facial recognition technology. Surveillance personnel are able to compare live images to stored images of known advantage players and cheats as well as VIP’s in real-time. As a result, we are not only able to keep undesirable individuals out of our casino, but we are also able to provide better services to our top customers as they enter the casino.
Press release from Borgata Resort, Atlantic City

The combination of facial recognition and information networks has proved a great ally in the battle against dishonest gaming and problem players. Despite being in competition with each other, it is essential that casinos work together and utilize all the ammunition passed their way. This philosophy is emphasized by the impressive Biometrica system, which is used throughout the states.
Casino International

George Busch, director of internal controls for the Mystic Lake Casino in Minneapolis, tells of the capture of a fugitive wanted by the Federal government using a five-year-old photograph. ‘It so happened we had a Federal agent in our surveillance room and the suspect was on the floor at a gaming contest…the truth of the matter was [the software identified] him, even though his facial features had changed.’
Access Control and Security Systems

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