X-LST is critical functionality — it is a dynamic database secured privately for each client at the individual organizational level. X-LST is similar to what was formerly PDE or Private Database Enrolment for clients, except that it is a far more advanced version, encrypted and secured through the Biometrica Fusion Center, and having a range of access controls that restrict access to individual X-LSTs.

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No one else can see anything you’ve added to any of your private X-LSTs, these lists are only available to your specific property or organization and can be separately maintained for a range of individual needs: Current/Ex Employees, Advantage Players, Corporate Whitelists & Blacklists, Barred Patrons, VIPs, Self-Exclusions, Escort Services, Shoplifters, Drug Dealers etc.

An organization will have the ability to share an X-LST, either in part of whole, between various properties or regions within a larger organization. It will also have the ability to restrict access to that X-LST within that organization, at the individual, departmental, section, or property level. It can also choose to share that X-LST with other organizations or regions, that choice is left to the organizational authorities.

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