VisualCasino is our most easily identifiable product in the Casino & Gaming world, and the first product interface of its kind in the Security & Surveillance space.

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VisualCasino or VC has been the industry leader in using facial recognition algorithms to analyze streaming video within casinos in order to detect known cheats and advantage players, and is the interface for casinos between SSIN — our all new, wholly encrypted Security & Surveillance Information Network; CID — the new, encrypted Composite Intelligence Database (what was formerly the Casino Information Database has been integrated into the new CID as a separate subset); X-LST — the private database list (similar to what was formerly known as PDE); AFR — our Advanced Facial Recognition module, and LOGiT, an IR system specifically created for security teams, and to allow for security and surveillance records to be tied together for better operational and auditing ability.

As a standalone product, VC has some very specific modules, such as device cheating and training games, but it is best utilized as an interface in conjunction with other systems and modules.

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