ThreatSafe evolved from the need for a comprehensive interface that would look beyond the casino and gaming sector to industries where forensic analysis of events was as important, if not more, than incidents monitored in real-time.

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ThreatSafe is the interface between several players: SSIN — our all new, wholly encrypted Security & Surveillance Information Network; CID — the new, encrypted Composite Intelligence Database; X-LST — the private database list (similar to what was formerly known as PDE); AFR — our Advanced Facial Recognition module, and LOGiT, an IR system specifically created for security teams, and to allow for security and surveillance records to be tied together for better operational and auditing ability.

ThreatSafe grabs frames off streaming video and compares them to pictures in the overall network database, using both SSIN and CID images. It built upon the success of VisualCasino — an industry leader in using facial recognition algorithms to analyze frames from streaming video within casinos in order to detect known cheats and advantage players — and has used that technology to build what should become an industry leading position in Fraud Mitigation and Link Analysis of criminals and their known associates.

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