Over the years, we have developed a very sophisticated range of hybrid products and databases — games protection modules and security systems, that support Security & Surveillance teams secure their turf in real-time. This is done through the observation, identification, and tracking of known and unknown undesirables, and making the reporting of incidents faster, easier and more efficient.

We have several products and modules that that can be used in tandem with each other and our base interface, VisualCasino (VC) for Casinos or our all new ThreatSafe (TS) for non-casino customers. In addition to introducing ThreatSafe, we developed and released a new, industry-changing version of VisualCasino, VC7, in the end of 2016.

With the development of VC7 and the creation of TS1, we now provide our customers with several new features, including the following:

  • Access to what should soon become the world’s largest private, encrypted, and law enforcement-verified facial recognition database of felons, arrestees and sex offenders.
  • Give subscribers the ability to run operational real-time facial recognition scans of any individual on their property against a law enforcement-verified database of criminals numbering in the millions — a database that includes known thieves, drug and human traffickers, gang members, murderers, terrorists, and more than one million registered sex offenders. Our data is based on data feeds from about 2,000 different jurisdictions of verified law enforcement data at the city, county, state level, and federal or international correctional or wanted data.
  • Access to DARPA-commissioned Department of Defense-developed Facial Recognition software.
  • A secure, convenient mobile app that allows any of a customer’s employees with access to it to run an immediate scan on a suspicious known or unknown person, anywhere on their property, with a couple of clicks.
  • Give customers the ability to comprehensively and conveniently support their obligations for KYC or Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering requirements, and also support their ability to fulfill Know Your Employee norms.
  • Provide clients with the tools to easily document all security-related events and incidents in operational real time, and create a digital audit trail for that documentation.
  • Give customers the tools to continuously monitor their employees to maintain regulatory compliance and corporate integrity.
  • Provide customers access to the software and systems that will help them create their own encrypted, private platform-agnostic whitelists and blacklists.


VisualCasino is our most easily identifiable product in the Casino & Gaming world, and the first product interface of its kind in the Security & Surveillance space.


ThreatSafe evolved from the need for a comprehensive interface that would look beyond the casino and gaming sector to industries where forensic analysis of events was as important, if not more, than incidents monitored in real-time.

SSIN (Security & Surveillance Information Network)

The SSIN is a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer private information system, which allows for the notification of people, events, alerts or warnings, and for the building of a community of authorized surveillance, security and other law enforcement professionals.

CID (Composite Intelligence Database)

The Composite Intelligence Database is an encrypted, searchable repository of information on individuals or groups. Each file has attached dynamic attributes pulled from various intelligence sources instead of being just a static record, in order to enable that file to be updated on an immediate basis, and each individual in the system is “tagged.”


X-LST is critical functionality — it is a dynamic database secured privately for each client at the individual organizational level. X-LST is similar to what was formerly PDE or Private Database Enrolment for clients, except that it is a far more advanced version, encrypted and secured through the Biometrica Fusion Center, and having a range of access controls that restrict access to individual X-LSTs.


LOGiT is Biometrica’s first foray into the security sector, as differentiated from the surveillance sector. It is a Security Management and Incident Reporting (IR) tool, a security-focused IR module that is the basis for the building of a digital case file of every incident at the security level.

AFR (Advanced Facial Recognition)

The DARPA-commissioned, U.S. Department of Defense-developed Advanced Facial Recognition (AFR) module enables security and surveillance personnel to capture images and compare them to pictures already in the Composite Intelligence Database, either directly or through the Biometrica Fusion Center, in order to help identify suspicious patrons or associates prior to potential losses.

UMbRA (Unique Mission to Build Records and Arrests)

UMbRA stands for Unique Mission to Build Records and Arrests. Think of it as any web search engine, except a search engine that is focused only on people that have been arrested, convicted of a crime, or wanted by law enforcement for one. It allows you to run searches on faces as well as texts and is sourced 100% from law enforcement data.

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