Licensing Solutions

Every professional associated with certain industries, like Casinos, the Gaming sector, or Hospitality, requires to be licensed in order to hold a job in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bartender or a security professional — you need to be able to pass a background check to get a license, and go through periodic reassessments whenever required to maintain that license.

We work with law enforcement officials to be able to quickly verify identities of individuals, check documentation and the validity of that documentation, and provide any available conviction/arrest history of a potential licensee in operational real time.

Our tools, systems and solutions allow regulatory bodies and licensing authorities to ensure that the people receiving licenses are who they say they are, first by checking an applicant’s state or federal identification to verify the ID’s authenticity and then utilizing our Facial Recognition tools to verify that his or her identity is a match to that document.

We then give regulatory bodies and licensing authorities the tools to quickly access available demographic information through the CID, our Composite Intelligence Database, about anyone applying for a license. This helps provide answers to questions like Are They Who They Say They Are, or, Is There Anything In Their Known Background That Disqualifies Them From Being Licensed  — in order to help licensing authorities do their jobs more quickly and more efficiently.

  • We provide access to what should soon become the world’s largest private, encrypted, and law enforcement-verified database of felons, arrestees and sex offenders.
  • We give regulatory subscribers the ability to run facial recognition scans of any individual they are looking to license against a law enforcement-verified database of criminals numbering in the millions — a database that includes known thieves, drug and human traffickers, gang members, murderers, terrorists, and more than one million registered sex offenders.
  • We also provide regulatory bodies with the option to run a credit check on an individual, and give them the ability to check for offenses like DUIs/DWIs.
  • Our data is based on data feeds from about 2,000 different jurisdictions of verified law enforcement data at the city, county, state level, and federal or international correctional or wanted data.
  • We provide access to DARPA-commissioned Department of Defense-developed Facial Recognition software.
  • We provide a secure, convenient mobile app that allows any of a client’s employees with access to the app to run an immediate scan on a suspicious known or unknown person with a couple of clicks.

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