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Is There An Incident Report You Need On The Fly?

Or A Security Alert To Put Your Network On Standby?

Is There A CaseFile You Need, On Someone You’re Tracking?

Do You Want To Put In Systems To Prevent A Hacking?

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Biometrica is a multi-sector player and an industry leader that builds products for security and surveillance, and to maintain business integrity and financial compliance.
We focus on linking the physical to the digital, and the digital to the physical, in order to accomplish the following:
— Track and prevent fraud and crime on a globally scalable basis
— Successfully manage surveillance and security, with our Security & Surveillance Information Network (SSIN) as the communication core of a multi-layered system
— Enable near real time incident detection, identification and reporting across multiple networks within the SSIN
— Provide communication in operational real time to global security and surveillance professionals, law enforcement and regulatory authorities
— Collect, integrate, analyze and distribute all inbound and outbound data, as part of a fully encrypted, private database of criminals and their associates
Biometrica evolved from an idea originally conceived 56 years ago, in 1960, when 11 names were written down in a black book. This was a list of people — mobsters, slot machine cheats and a couple of other notorious fraudsters — that Nevada’s Gaming Commission officials believed had a “notorious and unsavory reputation,” one that would “adversely affect public confidence and trust that the gaming industry is free from criminal or corruptive elements.”
The Gaming Commission, along with the State Gaming Control Board, was set up at the end of the Fifties, to curb the excesses of “Sin City,” overrun, they believed, by people from the New York and Chicago mobs.
In the 1990s, previous ownership took that concept and built a product that digitized the concept of that black book, created lists of cheats and frauds, and put it on a CD, which was then regularly updated and distributed to clients.
The current ownership has taken that concept and philosophy forward, married it with technology, and build a new age system to catch a thief. Or trickster, trafficker, or terrorist.

Our product strategy is focused on a range of industries and solutions, each pulling together a series of modules to form an industry specific product. At this point, we have five primary modules that can be used separately, or combined in tandem with our base interfaces, VisualCasino for the Casino industry, or ThreatSafe, for non-casino or gaming industry sectors.

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