SSIN (Security & Surveillance Information Network)

The SSIN is a fully encrypted, peer-to-peer private information system, which allows for the notification of people, events, alerts or warnings, and for the building of a community of authorized surveillance, security and other law enforcement professionals.

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The SSIN works at two levels. At one level, it is an unfiltered and encrypted real-time alert system, which enables a community of authorized security and surveillance professionals to share information on various undesirables with other customers with access to the SSIN, from private clients to regulatory authorities to law enforcement agencies.

At a second level, the SSIN is managed out of Biometrica’s Fusion Center, our global security and surveillance operations center, in Las Vegas. At this level, alerts sent out by the Fusion Center represent notifications that have already been separately received, collected, amalgamated and analyzed, using a network of national security and intelligence professionals and private investigators. This is near real-time but not immediate, because of the need to validate the data received.

At both levels, it is a fully encrypted private information system, which also has the ability to incorporate shared watch-lists from different outside groups and intra-organizational watch-lists.

In November 2016, we announced a new version of the SSIN, with functionalities that include a secure, convenient mobile application, which will, with a couple of clicks, give any subscriber with access to the mobile app the ability to run an immediate scan on a suspicious known or unknown person, anywhere on their property, and receive feedback on that person or persons in operational real time.

Over the next few months, other enhanced features will give subscribers the ability to run operational real-time facial recognition scans of individuals on their property against a law enforcement-verified database of criminals — a database that includes known thieves, drug and human traffickers, sex offenders, gang members, murderers, terrorists and white-collar criminals.

The mobile platform will allow subscribers to track suspicious activity as it happens, instead of doing only forensic, post-facto analysis (which will be available, in any case to all subscribers).

The SSIN works by signaling another entity or entities — depending on how the sending entity has chosen to have it set up for that particular transmission — that an individual or group of interest has been spotted. The peer-to-peer network, at any given time, could be from one private client-to-another, a private client to a regulatory body or to everyone else on the system, or from federal/state/local law enforcement to any of the participants, or be restricted to within a particular organization.

You can limit that information to a 1:1 mini-network, a 1:Many network, or to a 1:Subset (within an organization or geographical area). By using our private network, our clients can identify known people, as well as suspects and persons of interest well in advance, to prevent the occurrence of criminal events, or track them later.

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