AFR (Advanced Facial Recognition)

The DARPA-commissioned, U.S. Department of Defense-developed Advanced Facial Recognition (AFR) module enables security and surveillance personnel to capture images and compare them to pictures already in the Composite Intelligence Database, either directly or through the Biometrica Fusion Center, in order to help identify suspicious patrons or associates prior to potential losses.

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The AFR module also enables security and surveillance teams to capture images of customers or employees and run them against images in various available watch-lists and networks in Biometrica’s databases. Our database is based on data feeds from about 2,000 different jurisdictions of verified law enforcement data at the city, county, state level, and federal or international correctional or wanted data.

The new AFR also gives customers the ability to run document scans through our systems. Subscribers with access have the ability to scan drivers’ licenses and passports, and verify that the person physically handing over a document to you is the person whose photograph is in the document, and if it is a valid document.

A member of your security team, or any employee with access to the AFR system can take a quick picture of the person standing in front of them, and run that against the photograph on that individual’s license. It establishes an audit trail.

With passports, our new AFR module allows customers to have a three-pronged match in operational real time, allowing a check on whether a person standing in front of someone (the physical person), matches the printed photograph in the passport, matches the photograph in the chip embedded or stored in the passport.

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