The 5 Security Imperatives The Trump Administration Faces

In a rapidly evolving, technology-driven environment, where the IoT is a way of life, the incoming administration faces a number of new challenges, especially from a security perspective. Biometrica CEO, Wyly Wade, details 5 major challenges ahead.

Casino KYC 101 — Read It Now!

If you’re a casino in the U.S., or a casino that is part of a U.S. group, you’re almost always classified as a NBFI, and have to follow KYC norms, under the BSA, and go through the process of filing CTRs and SARCs. If you’ve ever wondered what these terms stand for, and why you need to know them, here’s a handy, easily digestible guide.

Hope In The Time Of Crisis: The Iowa Gaming Story

It’s been 25 years since the country’s first riverboat casinos opened for business, in Scott and Dubuque Counties, Iowa. Since then, the state’s gaming industry, created on the back of the farming crisis of the 1980s, has grown to having an economic impact of one billion dollars. We talk to the IGA President & CEO, Wes Ehrecke, on what drives Iowa gaming.

Biometrics: The Whats, The Whens, The Hows, And The Whodunnits

Through the time we started using markers to identify and distinguish people, the use of biometrics has both fascinated and terrified most of us. In a conversation with Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade, we look at what constitutes biometrics, what are identifiers, how they are used in the world we live in.

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