Web of Darkness: Groomed, Manipulated, Coerced, and Abused In Minutes

About a third of the world’s 3.8 billion Internet users is under the age of 18. The anonymity that the Internet allows makes it easier for predators to search for, identify, exploit and sexually abuse young children and teenagers online or in person. Sandra Marchenko, the Director of the Koons Family Institute, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children’s research arm, takes us through what online grooming is and why it’s crucial for countries to have specific laws on this.

Targeted, Taken, And Trafficked: An American Epidemic

There’s just not enough comprehensive, substantive data on young victims of sex trafficking. But depending on various accounts, between 100,000 to 1.5 million children are trafficked for sex every year in the United States. From risk factors to technology, this FAQ tries to address why trafficking happens, and details the factors that make runaway/throwaway youth most at risk for being targeted.

Vanished: An American Tragedy

The heartbreaking stories of multiple victim events, including human trafficking and homicide, and their implications for investigators and first responders, among others, will be the focus of the 2017 Annual National Missing and Unidentified Person’s Conference (MUPC) in Atlanta in September. We give you a broad overview on America’s hidden victims, some of the issues faced in investigating these complex cases.

Dabbling In The Dark Arts? A Look At Offensive Cyber Ops 101

The lines between our physical and virtual worlds continue to blur, and the words, “you’ve been hacked,” continue to take on all sorts of ominous connotations across these blurred lines, especially after a mega attack like last week’s WannaCry. With this in mind, we decided to ask offensive security specialist and bug hunter, Matthew Maley, to break it all down for us.

Security 101: In The Line Of Fire, Plan, Prepare, Persevere

Leadership isn’t easy in any case, but for military commanders sworn to protect their countries, there’s another heavy responsibility — that of sending those that serve under them into battle. Counterterrorism expert Col. S.K. Singh gives us a glimpse of what goes into giving those that serve every advantage they can get, especially in hostile territory.

You’ve Got Mail … And Why That Should Be Such A Scary Phrase

People around the world send and receive over two-and-a-half million emails a second. So given how much email we use, why is our email hygiene so bad, and can we make it better? Biometrica’s Director of Project Architecture, Kevin King, breaks it down for us.

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