Biometrica Fusion Center

In February 2015, speaking of the threats to the U.S., President Obama stated:

“Cyber threats were one of the most serious economic national security challenges that we face as a nation.”

He asked the private sector to join the government in forestalling cyber and other attacks and use its “unique strengths” to help protect our virtual and physical environments.


Biometrica’s Fusion Center is the hub from where our global security and surveillance operations are managed. It is also the connection point for the data aggregated through our multi-layered private sector networks and multi-jurisdictional law enforcement watch-lists, and is therefore uniquely poised to do as the President asked.

This amalgamated data, combined with our internal investigative and analytical teams’ tools and capabilities, and our access to intelligence and national security sources, give us four major areas of expertise across various products and modules.fusion

From preventing check cashing fraud to stopping criminal gangs trying to shop lift, from finding evidence of money laundering to identifying hacker groups about to enter a facility, from catching card cheats to capturing sex-traffickers, the BFC manages it all.fusioncenter

Essentially, Biometrica’s Fusion Center uses a reported incident or event to build, aggregate and analyze data gathered from intelligence sources. In most cases, our BFC teams then use a variety of intelligence processes, both HumInt and algorithms, to see patterns in that data and create a unique composite identification of an individual or group with dynamic attributes attached to that ID.

Finally, a call is made on whether that composite ID is to be sent out as an alert on our fully-encrypted SSIN — to a single client, a group, or the whole network — or placed for potential later use in the Composite Information Database.  The BFC also has an internal risk metric assigned to a particular ID, providing a client with a “threat vector” of the person or persons concerned.

The reason we have a high signal to low noise ratio on our SSIN is because most of what we send out is fully vetted, sparing our customers and clients hours of poring over data to validate it.


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